03 Feb 2021
Farewell To Sir Devasia And Shubha Ma'am

A time to look back with admiration
A time to look forward with anticipation!

For every beginning there must be an end, its paradoxical but that's how it is. Change is the only constant. Life is incomplete without a mixed bundle of joys and sorrows. On 3rd Feb 2021 the entire Notre Dame family gathered to bid farewell to two exceptional teachers and amazing human beings, Mr. Devasia and Mrs. Shubha. Both were given a warm welcome with a floral bouquet.

The Principal Sr. Mary Alice appreciated and thanked both the teachers for their efforts and sincerity. Lastly Sir Devasia and Shubha ma'am expressed their feelings, their experience and their long journey in Notre Dame School.

We pray God gives both these wonderful human beings, strength and wisdom to continue their good work.

The day was filled with nostalgia, fun and excitement.