02 May 2022

Labour Day Celebration

”All labour that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance, hence should be undertaken with painstaking excellence!”

To celebrate this effort by the maintenance staff, who work tirelessly, the International Workers Day also called labour day , was celebrated at Notre dame School Badarpur on 2nd May’22 with great zeal. The maintenance staff, work their fingers to the bone, and keep the wheels of an organization rolling.

Labour Day is a reminder for us that, these are the real architects of our society, and they rightly deserve their respect.

The students presented a dance on the newly erected stage, under the guidance of Rai Maam. The maintenance staff was felicitated on the stage with cards and bouquets. On this occasion our Principal Sr. Mary Alice in her speech stated that we must have gratitude in our heart for those who serve us, and this day reminds us to be kind and respectful towards them on a daily basis. She also enlightened the students about the contribution of labourers to our society and how they are the components of the growing economy. The children expressed their love and gratitude by singing songs and dancing.

Later a lunch was hosted for the maintenance staff and gifts were also distributed .

The workers were overwhelmed watching the function and Amar Bhaiyya expressed his gratitude towards the School management, teachers and students for their regard and affection.

Overall the Workers Day was a moment of joy and happiness for the workers and the school. Workers are the ones who make this world a better place to live in.

03 Feb 2021
Farewell to Sir Devasia and Shubha Ma'am

A time to look back with admiration
A time to look forward with anticipation!

For every beginning there must be an end, its paradoxical but that's how it is. Change is the only constant. Life is incomplete without a mixed bundle of joys and sorrows. On 3rd Feb 2021 the entire Notre Dame family gathered to bid farewell to two exceptional teachers and amazing human beings, Mr. Devasia and Mrs. Shubha. Both were given a warm welcome with a floral bouquet.

The Principal Sr. Mary Alice appreciated and thanked both the teachers for their efforts and sincerity. Lastly Sir Devasia and Shubha ma'am expressed their feelings, their experience and their long journey in Notre Dame School.

We pray God gives both these wonderful human beings, strength and wisdom to continue their good work.

The day was filled with nostalgia, fun and excitement.

06 Feb 2021

Principal's Day

"Leaders become great not because of their power ,but because they have the ability to empower others."

On the 6 th of February, Notre Dame staff and students celebrated Virtual Principals Day.

At 9:30 some staff members gathered in the convent for the auspicious lighting of the lamp and cake cutting later in the afternoon around 2:30 the entire staff met virtually to celebrate the day of their dear and dynamic Principals sister Mary Alice and sister Mary Tanya.

The program started with a prayer service by the Student Council members invoking God's blessings and was followed by an array of program (speeches of appreciation and gratitude, dances, display of cards instrumental music ,songs , etc) through videos collected and collated.

Both the sisters felt overwhelmed with the program. Sister Mary Tanya thanked all with a story . Sister Mary Alice was awestruck at the ability of the teachers to have presented the program in such a meticulous and mesmerizing way. She said that she was very proud of her staff for having updated and upgraded themselves in the technological field. She was filled with gratitude and blessed all .

The program was wrapped up with the singing of the school song joyously in cohesion and unison!

14 Nov 2020

Children's Day Celebration

"There is no garden as beautiful as childhood"

Children's Day this year was celebrated across the city virtually due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic restrictions. Besides the grave social, economic, and health impact on people around the globe, the COVID-19 pandemic's silent blow on children of all ages is profound. But in spite of all these odds, Children's Day was celebrated in Notre Dame School with a lot of vigour and enthusiasm, virtually. It was definitely not the same as regular celebrations but the teachers went out of their way to use technology and do the best they could in the times of pandemic. We may not be in the physical space but are connected digitally. Teachers recorded their motivational speeches, sang songs, played games, recited poems etc., all this was live-streamed by the teachers on 14th November in their respective classes.

The Principal, Sr. Mary Alice beautifully explained the students how they need to take up personal responsibility and learn about personal growth and metamorphically stated that children are the light in this world. She also focused on the fact that real education enables us to handle any situation peacefully, finding the good, even in worse situations. She blessed the students and their families, quoting the famous adage," There are things which you cannot buy which also includes childhood days!". Students appreciated the creativity of the teachers amid the 'New Normal'. The programme had a series of interesting and exciting events all planned meticulously for complete entertainment. It was an effort to give back a little, what the children had been deprived of, after the outbreak of this pandemic.

Last year, Greta Thunberg, a Swedish climate activist, took the world by storm after she gave her speech on the importance of active participation to fight climate change. Thunberg is proof of the fact that children are aware of the changes around them and wish to do their part in making the world a better place.

03 Oct 2020

Fit India Freedom Run

"Running the human bodies most to raw freedom."

Do you remember "The Dandi March "by Mahatma Gandhi ? Well, on 73rd lndependence Day the above program Fit India Freedom run was launched by honourable Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi to be executed by the ministry of youth affairs and sports

The main idea was to break the lethargy and anxiety caused due to covid-19 pandemic it was too to galvanise Indians to be healthier, happier and more positive in attitude

The rules were very simple and inviting--- Run your own race; track your own pace; at your own place.

As soon as a circular from the chairman of CBSE Mr Ahuja reached our principal, sister Mary Alice , She swung in full action with a lot of zeal and zest encouraging teachers parents and students to participate

Approximately there were over 2000 participants posting pictures ,track record GPS and videos of students ,parents and teachers. The response was stupendous and overwhelming .It was a Herculean success. Notre Dame School Badarpur was awarded for successfully organising the run.

After all we know this pandemic covid-19 will pass as...Tough runs don't last ;Tough runners do !

05 Sep 2020

Teachers' Day

Necessity is the mother of invention. - Plato

On the 5th of September surprise awaited the staff of Notre Dame School when they were requested to join a link sent to them...what followed was a spectacular and awesome program put up by the students under the able guidance of Principal, Sr. Mary Alice. Program started with prayers invoking God's Blessings on all.

Speeches overflowing with love and gratitude was addressed to the teaching faculty by the President, Vice President and other council members.

An array of vibrant program was presented by the students of all sections of the school.

The students thanked the teachers for educating and updating themselves with technology so as to teach, empower and inspire the students in all ways possible. The teachers felt overwhelmed and expressed their gratitude towards the Principal, institution and the student's for their love exhibited.

The covid crisis... has brought out many hidden talents of people. Sr. Alice made it known to the staff members regarding a book published by ma'am Ramaa Shankar ....'Handle with care..Small Things Matter'. On this happy note the program was wrapped up...encouraging all to explore within and challenge oneself !

15 Feb 2020
Jubilee of Mrs. Usha James and Mrs.Florence Kisku

A time to look back with admiration
A time to look forward with anticipation

On 15th February 2020, Notre Dame Academy celebrated 25 long, glorious and successful years of service rendered by Mrs. Usha James and Mrs. Florence Kisku with devotion , dedication and commitment.

The students put up a mesmerizing and enthusiastic cultural programme to mark the momentous occasion. They expressed their love and gratitude with their words of appreciation for these two teachers whose love and care have touched so many lives.

Our respected Principal Sr. Mary Alice, thanked Mrs. Usha James and Mrs. Florence Kisku for their valuable contribution to the Notre Dame Academy. Their presence has overseen Notre Dame rise from its infancy to its present glory and will continue to excel as for many more years to come.

01 Feb 2020
Educational Visit to The National Science Centre, New Delhi.

The students of class VII, VIII and IX visited The National Science Center, Delhi as a part of the educational tour this month. The National Science Center is a science museum that is engaged in popularization of science among the students. The aim of the visit was to develop the science awareness and scientific temper among the students.

The students were first invited to the auditorium for a short program on optics, and later they explained them about the functioning of India's Thirty Meter Telescope. A short quiz was also held in which the winners were awarded small gifts.

The students were greatly excited about the exhibition halls, especially the galleries 'Our Science and Technology Heritage'. Besides these, there were small but attention grabbing exhibits and a maze 9f mirrors which gives illusionary effect which invoked much interest in students. The students thoroughly enjoyed the visit and the plethora of exhibits left them spell bound. They were really drawn in the magical world of science and were greatly inspired. The trip was an enriching experience for all.

18 Jan 2020

Goodbye Sir Jose

Goodbyes are only for those who love with their eyes. Because, for those who love with their heart and soul, there is no such thing as separation! But for every beginning, there must be an end. It's paradoxical but that's how it is.

On January 18, 2020, the entire Notre Dame family gathered to bid farewell to an exceptional teacher, an altruistic human being, Sir Jose. The beauty of the stage was enhanced by an aesthetically pleasing backdrop and the lamp waiting to be lighted. The amazing programme began with a prayer song and a prayer dance. The students were beautifully dressed and they presented a number of dance performances. Students presented some skits, followed by speeches appreciating the nature of Sir Jose.

This sense of humour and his dressing sense would be adamantly admired by everyone. He would be remembered by many students as a guide and mentor who helped shape their lives for the better. He is extremely charismatic and knew how to interact with his students on a personal level. He knew the art of adding charm to even the most boring lesson.

His finesse and his passion for literature gave him an unmatched ability to add life to mere fictional characters. The programme ended with a song by the choir, melodiously sung.

Lastly, Sir Jose expressed his feelings, his experiences and his journey in Notre Dame School after which Sr. Alice appreciated Sir and blessed the gathering. The day was great, filled with nostalgia, fun and excitement. Saying good bye is never easy. But, that is a bitter truth of life.

21 Dec 2019
Christmas Celebration

Joy to the world The Lord has come!

Christmas is the festival which inspires the spirit if sharing and caring. Soaking in the spirit of Christmas, the students of Notre Dame School celebrated the festival of Christmas with enthusiasm on the 21st of December 2019.

Leaving no stone unturned to sprinkle the magic of their love, the stage was wholly decorated by the students. The programme started with a prayer dance followed by a beautifully staged skit, directed by Sir Jose, depicting the significance of the festival, showcasing the life and journey of Jesus Christ.

The elements of energy and momentum could be witnessed in the children as they came forward and presented their items. Lastly the much awaited Santa Claus entered the stage with his elves and reindeers, boasting up the energy level of the students. A brief history of Santa Claus was depicted through dance and narrations. The programme ended with the choir singing melodious carols.

The Principal, Sr. Mary Alice threw light on the importance of the day and blessed the gathering with her inspirational words.