Admission to classes 1-8 are taken only at the beginning of the school year depending on the vacancy. The applicant must submit a written application (from March 10-15) to the school office with the relevant information. If there is a vacancy, the school shall contact the applicant.

A student will be eligible for admission only if she/he has been studying in a recognized school and produces the transfer certificate duly countersigned by the Education Department.

Please contact the school for more information regarding the process for admission.

Fee Structure

Tuition Fees
PS&PP Rs.1035/- Rs.2150/-
I-V Rs.1665/- Rs.2495/-
VI-X Rs.1740/- Rs.2660/-
XI&XII COM Rs.1995/- Rs.3610/-
Term Fees
Annual Fees Rs.2000/- Rs.2000/-
PTA Rs.50/- p.a. (in April) Rs.50/- p.a. (in April)
N.P./Diary/Activity Rs.400/- p.a. (in July) Rs.400/- p.a. (in July)
Smart Class (PS - Std.X) Rs.100/- p.m. Rs.100/- p.m.
Smart Class (XI & XII) Rs.110/- p.m. Rs.110/- p.m.
Development Fee (Only for NON-NTPC)
PS&PP Rs.1765/-
I-V Rs.2070/-
VI-X Rs.2215/-
XI&XII COM Rs.3050/-
Only for New Admissions
Admission Fee Rs.200/- Rs.200/-
Contingency Fee

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