Admissions are taken only at the beginning of the school year depending upon vacancy and merit. Students are given an entrance exam to ascertain the merit and eligibility to the class.

A student will be eligible only if she/he has been studying in a recognized school and produces the transfer certificate from the school last attended. In an interstate transfer, the transfer certificate needs to be countersigned by the Education Department.

The admission forms can be bought from the school itself. Please contact the school for more information regarding the process for admission.

Fee Structure

Tuition Fees
PS&PP Rs 745/- p.m. Rs 1545/- p.m.
I-V Rs 1200/- p.m. Rs 1795/- p.m.
VI-X Rs 1255/- p.m. Rs 1915/- p.m.
XI&XII COM Rs 1435/- p.m. Rs 2595/- p.m.
XI&XII SCH Rs 1435/- p.m. Rs 2595/- p.m.
Term Fees
Annual Fees Rs 2000/- p.a. Rs 2000/- p.a.
PTA Rs 50/- p.a. (in April) Rs 50/- p.a. (in April)
Smart Class (PS - Std.X) Rs 100/- p.m. Rs 100/- p.m.
Smart Class (XI & XII) Rs 110/- p.m. Rs 110/- p.m.
Development Fee (Only for NON-NTPC)
PS&PP Rs 1765/- p.a. (in April)
I-V Rs 2070/- p.a. (in April)
VI-X Rs 2215/- p.a. (in April)
XI&XII COM Rs 2500 p.a. (in April)
XI&XII SCH Rs 3050/- p.a. (in April)
Only for New Admissions
Admission Fee Rs 200/- Rs 200/-
Contingency Fee

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